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 A Tribute to Air Marshal Asghar Khan : Jan 5, 2018 08:08 PM
Author: ACM Kaleem Saadat

AIR MARSHAL ASGHAR KHAN The Air Marshal was treated as the father of the air force. An upright and honest man who could only think mission, work and commitment. Was an icon for many. The ideals and values which bear repetition belong to the breed which was his. A long-term thinker, a man of vision and achievement. He may not have been as flamboyant as Air Marshal Nur Khan but was the quiet, deliberate type who kept to his mission and the air force that he wanted to build. Together both Asghar Khan and Nur Khan combined epitomize the values and characteristics of leaders and fighter pilots that each following generation is encouraged to emulate. The PAF has been lucky to have them. With Air Marshal Asghar Khan's departure a founding chapter of this saga of air force has come to an end. We will somehow need to keep their memory and their example alive to keep the value system in line with professionalism, integrity and courage. Written by AVM Shehzad Chaudhry and is an apt tribute to AM Asghar Khan

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