Written By : Dr Ikram Azam

One Night --- 15 Poems

Total 16 poems 



  1. Life and Lightning!


Lightning is also life

The life of the storm

Which comes and goes

Like many people in one’s life!


  1. ‘Rubai’!


She was a resonant Rubai

True to her name

She rose from the heart

To live in the heart

Incomparably more precious

Than any pearl and poem!


3. Rootless!


People without values and principles

Are rootless, anchorless, homeless

Like stowaway drift-root

Ever at the mercy of winds and waves!


4. Life and Light!


No matter how fallible

And thereby, vulnerable

Human beings are both life and light

The life of each other

And the light of learning!



5. Sad Smiles!


They are the inner silent story

Of hurt hearts, broken lives

But brave minds

And daring, divine souls!


6. True Selves!


They are of those who

Give sincerely

Receive gracefully

Counting life’s blessings gratefully!


7. True Love!


This is a weirdo world

In which true love  survives silently

Existing not just privately in the heart

It also coexists peacefully in soul mates!


8. Silence!


It speaks wordlessly

Like the foot-falls of fallen leaves

And the rousing rustle of psalms

For it is the spirit’s soulful symphony!


9. Experientially So!


We are human beings


Soulfully so

Like all of sentient nature!


10. Star Gazing!


Perched on high hills

We are all bird watchers and Star gazers

Waiting for a fallen star

To wish for Peace on Earth!


11. Eternity!


Life here on Earth

It is just the start to Eternity

At best a transition to Infinity

Loving Souls never part

Being destined for reunion Hereafter!


12. Love and Hate!


They are transitions

In life’s continuum

The heart pursues peace through love

But gets hurt on the way

And stumbles into the pit of hate!



13. Resilience!


Despite all hurts and hurdles

The human heart is resolutely resilient

The mind is miraculously tenacious

Because Life is a Temple of Loving Hope!



14. The Truth!


It is the truth, the tenacious truth

Which makes true love meaningful

And life persistently peaceful

Like Edenic Bliss!


15. Progeny!


Children are the soul and spirit of a well-knit happy family

The future belongs to the children and youth of

The present and successive generations

Ad infiniturn

So let us nature and groom them tenderly, lovingly, caringly, sharingly

 For their future roles, responsibilities and rights!





The Guardians!



“Who will protect us from our guardians”? (Jouvenel 2nd century Roman poet).


The reference is not to

Our two guardian angels perched on our two shoulders

Nor to our beloved parents, benign family and benevolent friends:


It is to the self-seeking power and political elite

But above all to the Global MIIICC

Military Industrial Intellectual Intelligence Cultural Complex

Which breeds and brews, stews and spaws the antagonistic anti-culture of

WMDs War and reactive-reactionary Terrorisnol



The key-core-critical question remains:

“Who will protect us from our guardians?”

Both international and indigenious!


The answer is

Not the UN

Nor the World Powers!


The only alternative left is

We, ourselves: The People

Individually and collectively

Conscientiously, responsibly: caringly and sharingly!