Written By : Mr Sultan Bashir Mahmood
The Holy Quran links the national catastrophes with the moral degradation of the majority of the individuals of the nation. It repeatedly describes the fateful events of nations which defied the Divine moral laws and ultimately were wiped out from the face of the Earth. The rule is, “When a society becomes degraded and decays to such a extent that it loses its utility for a moral civilization, then its Doomsday is hastened on it. Ultimately, it is wiped out from the physical framework of life.” That is not the punishment from Allah but the result of their evil deeds.


1.1 Introduction:
One after the other since its inception Pakistan has been under trials and misfortunes of all sorts. In this regard one can learn a very important lesson from the verse 41 of Sura Al-Rum of the holy Quran. “Mischief has appeared on land and sea; because of that the hands of men have earned; That Allah may give them a taste of some of their deeds; In order that they may turn back (from evil)” 30(41).  Thus trials and calamities are as the result of man’s own deeds, in order to teach lesson to them. In case they do not improve, then Allah sends over them bigger disasters. Holy Quran mentions many such case histories. Our state of affair reflects similar situation. 

Thirty eight years ago we lost half the country and then we fought US Jehad for more than a decade. Now we are fighting the US War on Terror against our own people. Every one is in the grip of fear, frustrations and uncertain future. Cynically, our enemies laugh at us saying, “Pakistan is already collapsed”. Besides the external and internal threats, natural calamities also keep falling off and on. Crisis over crisis, has become the fate of this “Land of Pures”.
Why so? Many Pakistani’s blame others for their misfortunes. If earth quakes destroy them, they say, it was due to the tectonics plates. If the peace of country is gone they blame the extremists, Taliban and the world powers. As believers we also say, nothing can happen without the order of Allah. Is He angry with us? So different diagnoses and treatments are suggested while the patient is going down and down. Perhaps the disease has not been diagnosed correctly and treatment has not been done properly.

As believer you will agree this there is a spiritual dimension also. Thus our real problem may not be Taliban, poverty, India or America or World Bank and natural forces. These may be the symptom only. In reality it could be a very serious moral issue. However, popular secular approach to the problems comes in our way, and we are bogged down by the symptoms. In the following paragraphs we shall study the problem in the spiritual light through the prism of Holy Quran. If you are a believer you cannot brush it away easily. May be it is the only remedy left for you.

1.2 Spiritual Dimension of the Calamities:
Often, we ask, “Why there are sufferings”? Why do catastrophes happen on us which kill thousands of people in no time? Some time in utter frustration we ask! “What is that God, who punishes His own creations”? Such questions are not strange. Many put them boldly, and many wisper them in their hearts. Holy Quran tells that, it is not Allah, but the man himself who is actually responsible for his misfortunes. “Lo! Allah wrongs not even by the weight of an atom And if there is a good deed, He will, double it, And will give from His presence an immense reward” 4(40) Thus any type of disaster and for all our sufferings man is himself responsible.

The Holy Quran links the national catastrophes with the moral degradation of the majority of the individuals of the nation. It repeatedly describes the fateful events of nations which defied the Divine moral laws and ultimately were wiped out from the face of the Earth. The rule is, “When a society becomes degraded and decays to such a extent that it loses its utility for a moral civilization, then its Doomsday is hastened on it. Ultimately, it is wiped out from the physical framework of life.” That is not the punishment from Allah but the result of their evil deeds.

The process happens in phases. As morality suffers, in the first instance, people are served with minor warnings so that they may understand and mend their ways. 30(41) In the end, when they reach the point of no return, the process of accountability gets accelerated and, finally they are destroyed through catastrophic action of man and natural disasters. Examples of such catastrophies given in the holy Quran are of large scale epidemics, national quarrels, social disorders, wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, winds and floods; and strike by the meteorites etc. Such types of catastrophies highlighted by various case histories of the Holy Quran keep happening nowadays also. (Pakistan has been victim of many of them).

In this respect, aya 29(40) of the Holy Quran pronounces the law that punishment of societies is due to their own faults. It is not for God to wrong them but they wrong against themselves. The same is revealed by the following ayat. “Whatever of good befalls thee, It is from Allah, And whatever of ill befalls thee, It is from thyself.”4(79). Thus a nation will go on living happily as long as it is high in social and moral values. Allah will bless them with prosperity and happiness. The rule is also true also for the individuals.

Relationship between Sufferings and Morals
Analysis of the “Relationship between sufferings and the moral values” should be of immense importance to the national leaders, who believe in Allah and His Messenger. They can then understand that it the primary cause of misfortunes of the people is their spiritual and moral degradation. Therefore, the first and foremost reformation step towards improving the lot of a nation should be to take measures towards improving the morality of their people, to propagate the goodness and fight against the evil.

Unfortunately in the current secular environment, reasons for the occurrence of natural calamities are attributed solely to the material causes. They do not bother to look into spiritual dimension highlighted by the Divine Book. However, the correct approach would be to base ones analysis on the integrated approach. This is that occurrence of events are governed by two types of causes i.e. “Primary spiritual causes and secondary physical causes. Accordingly physics cannot be separated from the metaphysics. Events first come in the minds of people before their appearance in the physical plane. Filthy minds give birth to filthy events; healthy minds give birth to healthy events.

Law of Change:
In this respect, the guidance of the Holy Quran is; “Lo! Allah changes not the condition of a folk, Untill they first change, that which is in their selves.” 3(11)
This is the fundamental law for social change, equally applicable to the individuals, societies, and the nations, and to the world at large. It is a new dimension for science also which solely relies upon the materialistic approach to life. However, religions of the world has always taught that there is a power beyond physics also, which actually governs and controls the physical laws. This is the “Mind Force”. At the microscopic level, there is the mind of an individual, and at the macroscopic level there is the collective mind of a nation and of the world as a whole. We may relate them as follows:-

Sum total of the minds of the individuals  = Mind of the Society   
Sum of the minds of the societies  = Mind of the nation   Sum of the minds of the nations   = Mind of the world

Thus good or bad collective mind of the societies and of the nations determine their collective future and thus their fate on the scene of the world. If the cumulative “Mind Force” of a particular nation is greater than the “Mind Force” of the rest of the world, it can change the course of the world history in its favour. A man whose individual “Mind Force” is greater than the cumulative mind force of the society, can dominate and take the society along with him. Sure a positive mind will produce positive results, and evil minds, will produce evil result.

How does it work?
Fig.: Meta Physical causes precede the physical causes. Time lag depends upon the nature of involved moral issues.

When the mind desires something, matter begins to react. For example, when a person makes up his mind, first of all the matter in his own body activates, then the environment around begins to adapt itself accordingly. On a larger scale, mind of the society effects matter in a larger way. Then Mind of the world which is the sum total of the minds of the nations, collectively modifies the world affairs. Thus the relationship between meta-physics and physics relative to world affairs is like that of  master-slave relationship. In this case Physics is the slave of the Metaphysics and lags behind. In summery we may say:-

Spiritual causes trigger the  → Mind force
Mind forces trigger the   → Physical causes
Physical causes trigger the  → Events
Events lead to the    → Consequences

Rationale of this hypothesis is that mind is not intelligence but characteristics of the human soul. Immoral thoughts and deeds corrupt the soul and degrade the mind, which ultimately; to escape further frustration, tension and immorality, triggers the physical laws to self destruction. In this regard it may choose a well planned suicide, or an un-planned accident, it matters little. The materialistic then sit down to investigate the cause of the catastrophy in terms of physical laws, and assign various material reasons; ignoring the primary factor that had triggered them on the other hand the Holy Quran warns mankind plainly and reminds through the case histories of the past nations, that disasters are due to the evil deeds of people.

The last of the Messager of Allah (PBUH) had explained it in many of his sayings that near the Doomsday, moral degradation would be at its climax and afflictions will also be at climax. This is that afflictions and moral degradations go together. It is narrated by Abu Huraira: The Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihay Wa-Aalayhe Wasallam) said, “Near the Doomsday time will pass rapidly because of indulging in the pleasures of the world and forgetting one’s duties towards Allah; good deeds will decrease, selfishness and miseries will be the order of the day, then afflictions will appear and there will be much “Al-Harj”. They said, “O’ Allah’s Apostle! What is Al-Harj? He said, “Killing! Killing!”. These are the sufferings caused by the man upon the man, due to their bad deeds and intentions.” Bukhari (Compare this with the situation in Pakistan) now reflect into the following commands of Allah: “So there befell upon them the evils of that which they had earned. And the exploiters will be soon overtaken by their exploits They will never be able to escape the consequences.” 39(51). “Verily! The wrong doers will never farewell.” 6(135) “Ultimately the exploiters are cutoff from the roots. Praise be to Allah, The cherisher of the Worlds.” 6(45)

Dear brothers and sisters, if you believe in the Revelation of Allah then throw away your prejudices, and see the Reality. Primary cause behind the repeated calamities over Pakistan is not your enemies, or the nation’s accidents but your own deeds, collective moral degradation and exploitation of each other. In sura Al-Muttififeen Allah warns “Disaster is the fate of those who give less measure, take more”. Are not most of us guilty of this crime? Another major cause of our sufferings as the broken promise for which millions had sacrificed their lives, to make this country in the Name of Allah. “Pakistan Ka Mutlab Kia….. La-e-ila Ha Ill-ul-Allah”. In pursuit of this ideal our founders named their dream country “Pakistan The Pure Land”. But once Pakistan came into existence, we betrayed  them all.

Fortunately there is still some time to repent over the past mistakes, ask for the forgiveness, of Allah and solemnly promise to make Pakistan an exemplary state of Islam in this modern secular world. Taliban or no Taliban, all should beseech for the forgiveness of Allah and also forgive each other to avert the disaster of AL-HARJ pointed out in the alive quieted Hadith of Rasool-ul-Allah. Let us pray humbly for PEACE, Islam means PEACE. If you don’t heed to the Reality even now, then wait for the final blow about which Allah Subben-Hu says in the Holy Quran; “And fear the grave punishment which affects not in particular the exploiters only; And know that Allah is strict in punishment” 8(25).