Abdul Mateen Memorial Scholarship

Abdul Mateen Memorial Scholarship (AMS)

1. In the light of its long-standing Objectives, TFP plans to launch a scheme of educational scholarships. It would be called Abdul Mateen Ansari Memorial Scholarship, in the memory of late, Mr. Abdul Mateen Ansari. It is a merit-cum- need based scholarship. The purpose is to fund the education of bright but under-privileged student(s) so that he/they can become financially independent in the future. The AMS would be offered to the student, who obtains admission to a College or a University on merit but is unable to continue studies due to lack of financial resources. The salient features are as follows:

  • Who gets enrolled preferably in a government institution or professional college.
  • Financial assistance would be paid to the institution against the name of AMS beneficiary. It will be on monthly or semester base, and paid through a crossed cheque or pay order.
  • The financial assistance could be from fifty to ninety percent of the educational and boarding expenses due to be paid to the institution. It will be for the full term of the program i.e. for two years for an intermediate, and for four years for a medical or an engineering student. Or till the student continues to need assistance, within the stipulated duration.
  • The beneficiary will have to maintain a high standard of grades, say B+, in all his/her semester or sessional exams.
  • A separate undertaking will be finalized with the individual beneficiary.

2. TFP request the institution to suggest a panel of students from which it could select a deserving student. TFP will also need periodical communication for the purposes of record and monitoring for sustained assistance.

3. TFP stands for Better Pakistan. May we succeed through the help of the institution and the brilliant student, we plan to support.

Secretary General

(Bakhtiar Hakeem)

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AMS Contributors & Beneficiaries