Erudition & Wisdom

Erudition & Wisdom

Written By : Bakhtiar Hakeem

Erudition & Wisdom



·               Please read through the answers to these two questions, first.

o       Q.1.     Ten years ago you advocated a new Middle East (ME). What is left of the vision?

      • A.        It’s already a new ME. Not only do we have peace with but it’s growing in strength and depth. too, is changing. We have peace with but its growing too. is an outsider today in the ME. Once, it was leader, but what is today? No body thinks about in terms of leadership. They are irrelevant militarily. And look, Arab unity does not exist any longer. Gulf countries are on their own, is on its own. became a modern country and has shown it can be Muslim and modern. has changed completely.
    • Q.2.     You must be a great optimist.
      • A.        I would say that optimist and pessimist die the same way. They just live differently. I prefer to live as an optimist.


·               Well done. Well done my dear enemy. How wise, and visionary are you. Not only that you could execute what you planned in the realm of geopolitics of a region and successfully measure the results ten years later. Great. And thank you very much my senior learned citizen to have given me a kick start.

·               These questions were put to Mr. Shimon Perez. Twice, he was Prime Minister of Israel as well as a noble prize winner. Surely it would be expected from a statesman to be visionary, exhibit comprehensiveness and where required express his views in most clear and concise words. However, some are real leaders of their people. They turn the course of history with the power of their vision, dedication and perseverance. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, turned Quaid-e-Azam was one of them. Eisenhower, the famous victorious General turned President of America said, “I have never seen a pessimists general winning a battle.”     Pessimist at best can avoid a few accidents, some retreats and live through safely the years bestowed upon by Allah Almighty. They are not the achievers, least high achievers.

·               There are talks of pro-Indian provinces and pro-Islamic province, at Capital Hill, in . Punjab and Sind contiguous to with newly found warmth of ‘neighborhood’ are closer to mother’s lap. CBMs which may be named counter identity measures are showing their results; rather too soon.  One of the columnists the other day wrote an article under the title ‘Goodbye Peace Process’. While the rest two being more Islamic are the trouble child. So plans are unfolding to take on one of the trouble child first. In the wake of new Afghan policy, which can be termed ‘U-turn’, for the sake of brevity and sequel to the events to follow, Indian influence has increased manifold in . Results of setting up of around fifty to sixty posts along our western border by RAW in last four to five years are visible now. Approximately two thousand five hundred strong BNA is active and gaining strength. Reaction of the government, going by the type of government, is most predictable.

·               On Kashmir front the of Kashmir , the third option and possible vivisection are the surface currents now. Two years hence these were under-currents.  Ramifications of earth quake have been overtaken by KBD imbroglio, in the current weeks.  The real impetus to geopolitics in the region is coming from American failure in . Failure may be a quick fix word for present scenario, yet American achievements and the rate of achievements in is amongst the top contributing factors. Chinese growing interests in coastal areas of and convergence of Indian interests help Americans to focus and proceed further, making headway. Iran-Pakistan–Indian gas pipeline venture of course is another attraction and reason for focus in Balochistan for Americans. It would be interesting to see how wrestles through, against American opposition on this issue. This is heartening to learn that we have made amply clear to Americans that will go for Iranian gas pipeline project even if Indians back out. Nonetheless will have to be both wise and sharp to steer her course in this kinky gas line project in the back drop of new developments in Balochistan.  

·               Shimon where did you come from and what was your staple food. We will be in dire need of erudition and wisdom displayed by you.