Madrisa : Violence, Terrorism & Intolerance

Madrisa : Violence, Terrorism & Intolerance

Written By : Bakhtiar Hakeem

Madrisa : Violence, Terrorism & Intolerance



1.         , I do not know who was the president then, attacked in 1899. It was sheer lust for expansion. 1.4 million Filipinos were killed between 1899-1903. General Jacob Smith, turned Samar , city into howling, wilderness by burning and killing everything. 100,000 civilian Muslims are not included in the above figures. They were killed at Mindanao . Since then US is in control of . Neither Christianity makes any mention of having been hurt nor humanity is ashamed of this brutal killing and occupation.  Please be ready for many more examples.  Here are  these : -

            a.         In 1898, US seized Puerto Rico from .

b.         was separated from and Canal zone was annexed.

c.         In 1903, military intervened in .

            d.         was occupied from1914-1934.

            e.         was occupied from 1916-1924.

f.          was occupied by US military from 1917 to 1933. Later it was     made an economic protectorate.

g.         Famous of all Mr. Harry Truman bombed 250,000 civilians to death within one week at Hiroshima and Nagasaki . It was year 1945. First bomb was dropped on August 4th and the second on August 8th.  He took four days to be satisfied with the level of devastation the first one had caused.

h.         Korean peninsula remained under US marine and naval aggression from 1050 to  1953. At least two million Korean civilians were killed or wounded. Chinese also suffered casualties but figures are not available here. Who was the president then? Any way what difference does it make.

i.          US directed invasion in in 1954.

k.         1956 troops landed in . And the Middle East became the next arena for US killing and brutality.

l.      Longest of all, came the 1960-75, Vietnam war, led by military machine. Two million Vietnamese were killed and maimed and boiled alive by US troops.

m.        In 1965, one million civilian and militia were killed by US assisted coup in .

n.         1969-75, US Air force did carpet bombing in . Two million were killed, over these years, due to bombing and starvation.

o.         1973, CIA backed coup in to overthrow democratically elected president of the country.

p.         In El– Salvador 75,000 people were killed between 1981–92 by US air power and death squads.

q.         1986, US bombed Tripoli, in in an effort to kill President Muamar Gadaffi.

r.          An Iranian airliner was shot over Persian Gulf in 1987 by US Navy in the area.

s.         1989 – 90, US invaded , killing thousand of civilians.

t.          Gulf War–I, 1990, US led coalition killed 100,000 Iraqis. It included 12,000 civilians hiding in an underground tunnel, known to be as such to US Air force.

u.         1995, bombed Serbs to assist ethnic cleansing. President of was happy to mention it as a support for Muslims.

v.         , 2001; the killing and occupation continues. Exact figures of casualties are not known. A rough estimate is 50 people per month.

w.        US assisted by started technologically most brutal killing of Iraqi people. It started in 2002. Abu Gharaib Jail and all around in the sacred sites and expanses of Najaf, Takrit , Musal, Kirkuk and in the valleys of Euphrates and Tigris killing continues till date. US led coalition has killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians so far.

2.         Who all, responsible for all above had been taught at Madrisas! Were any out of Nero, Hitler, Qublai Khan and Pol Pot Khmer sent to any of the Muslim madaris in ? Mr. Tony Blair can you please answer this puzzle for us? If solved may it help you also. And it may help many more amongst your courtiers and pain sharers.