How to Disagree?

How to Disagree?

Written By : Bakhtiar Hakeem





How to Disagree ?
















1.       Do not disagree for the sake of disagreeing.


2.      Do not disagree just to show how clever you are or to boost your ego.


3.      When you disagree do so politely and gently rather than rudely and aggressively. The opening sentence can be, I may be wrong...


4.     You may need to point out errors of logic or to show that a conclusion does not necessarily follow from what went wrong.


5.     You may need to point out selective perception and particular interpretation of statistics or events.


6.     You may want to disagree to show a different personal experience.


7.     Weigh, is it consequential if you do not disagree. If not simply listen.


8.      It is very important to challenge certainty’and to suggest possibility’ instead.


9.     Distinguish between having a different opinion and disagreeing with an opinion.