Written By : Bakhtiar Hakeem
The best thing which could happen to Pakistan after Musharraf’s is Gen Kayani. The list of black deeds of Musharraf is pretty lengthy. Yet at the time of his forced exit he handed over the command of Pakistan Military to Gen Kayani. Thank you Gen Musharraf!


The best thing which could happen to Pakistan after Musharraf’s is Gen Kayani. The list of black deeds of Musharraf is pretty lengthy. Yet at the time of his forced exit he handed over the command of Pakistan Military to Gen Kayani. Thank you Gen Musharraf!

At this time of great turbulence, intrigues and upheaval, Pakistan needs men of steely character, to pull this nation out of its challenges. The Men who are capable to withstanding pressures and still stand tall with full height, and on their own feet – the ones imbued with the cherished values and aspirations of this nation. A nation that is hungry for true heroes!
We need men who can see in front, and not only that, behind them and below their feet. Going by our system, above all, we need a prime minister. A PM who can embody the moorings of this ideological nation of 160 million musalmans; the one who can translate the national inspirations into brave, bold and timely resolves. Pakistan needs a PM who is truly leader of the house, strong enough to implement the resolutions of the parliament with surgical precision! I take this word, musalman from the writings of the father of the nation as well as his spoken words.
We need an iconic symbol of the state, called president, a president who is self assured and above-board; a president who can be a source of strength for judiciary, executive, the armed forces of Pakistan and above all the PM. And not the one who lives behind the thin veil of article 248. And not the one who fears CJ, COAS or the chairman NAB. And we need a sipah salar to lead good seven hundred thousand strong khakis with purpose and at the point of decision. Deployed outside every government building and on the pavements surrounding every mess, they will evaporate into thin air before the real enemies have the last laugh.
After Musharraf the best thing which could happen to Pakistan is Gen Kayani.The list of black deeds of Musharraf range from stabbing Afghanistan in the back to NRO and the shadowy role in the killing of Benazir Bhutto(BB). Yet he handed over the command of Pakistan Military to Gen Kayani. Thank you Gen Musharraf.

oung Ashfaq Parvez was born in the house of a junior commissioned officer, Lehrasab Khan in 1952; a Gakhar family living in village Manghhot near Gujjar Khan. Moving and peddling quietly and through the beaten route of Military College Jehlum to Pakistan Military Academy, he made no waves while towing the middle lane till it was March 2007. He was DG MO, then GOC 12 Division then Commander 10 Corps, under Gen Musharraf. Thus there is no doubt he had full confidence of Musharraf. Yet he proved to be a man of different mettle when he refused to pressurize Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry the Chief Justice of Pakistan for his resignation in the drawing room of Musharraf, the then President of Pakistan. Why all this in praise of Gen Kayani; yes, for this reason and many more. He stood above the rest and continues to hold his position in the tests and trials he has been through so far. It is true that the author was the rear guard of the passing-out parade on the same day when Gen Kayani passed out; Kala Ground, Kakul, August 28, 1971.
Let me enlist some of his credentials, now part of record complied and graded and prioritized out side Pakistan.
• Time magazine rated him 20thin the list of leaders in 2008 and 17th in 2009.
• He was amongst top fifty Global Elite, compiled by Newsweek.
• New Statesman placed him 24th in the top fifty elite of the world.
• Top brass of US armed forces kept repeating, after meeting him; Gen Kayani knows what he is doing. Coming from Americans, well it could be intriguing.

he focus on him is not for how well he handled the escalation period as DGMO or the issue of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan or the insurgencies, as DG ISI. It is also not for the reasons, being very dependable and trust worthy military secretary of BB, when she was PM. It is for the reasons the way he has led the Army, in all professional and civil cum political affairs, after taking over as COAS. Taking an account of his achievements, briefly:
• US-Musharraf nexus had planned and forecasted a result of February 2008 elections. Army withdrew its support for any such plan, both in physical terms and behind the doors.
• Gen Kayani withdrew all retired and serving Army officers from the governments departments. These were no less than twenty-three.
• He cancelled all extensions given by Musharraf, to some chosen officers.
• A ‘soldier’s soldier’ kept himself away from media. No headline statements, no interviews and no coil back attacks and no threats.
• From 13 to 15th March 2008, tense and extremely volatile battles were fought, on multiple fronts. USA tried its best to push Gen Kayani, to be another Gen Musharraf; as the ‘savior’ of the Country in the wake of Long March. Gen Kayani failed their tactics. CJ was reinstated. Democratic government was preserved.
• Before withdrawing the officers from civil departments he had passed instructions to commanders at all levels to keep away from the politicians and the politics. He is known to have made calls to the unit commanders sitting in offices beyond pack-up time. He told them to finish their job in time, go home and be back for the sports parade in the afternoon.
• He led the response of the Army on KLB. He did it, only he could do it.
• He has kept himself away from the politics and closer to borders, Swat and formation commander’s conferences.

he security parameters of Pakistan need him, the immediate future needs him. Pakistan needs a sipha salar who believes and promulgated that ideology of Pakistan is Islam. We need him to respond to the weekly love affair of USA with our sovereignty. We need him to assist and help USA to withdraw from Afghanistan. We need him not to allow US to shift its base to Pakistan after withdrawal from Afghanistan. Our government can learn, and should learn from its own COAS about how to protect our national interests rather than from Gen Mullen or Gen Mac Crystal.  I am sure this COAS would be long remembered for taking a u-turn on the about turn taken by Musharraf.