Written By : Bakhtiar Hakeem
Let me write back to Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal today. He had vision, objectivity and the ability to move and motivate a whole sub-continent, He, could goad, men like Muhammad All Jinnah into leadership and be his follower, Later each remained proud to be each other's follower.

To: Dr. Iqbal

(First and Foremost is Pakistan i.e. the National Interests)
Let me write back to Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal today. He had vision, objectivity and the ability to move and motivate a whole sub-continent, He, could goad, men like Muhammad All Jinnah into leadership and be his follower, Later each remained proud to be each other's follower. Iqbal had the insight of a true philosopher. All and sundry acknowledge it. As a political thinker he could draw the parameters of an independent state as early as 1930. This was the end of the most troubled decades for the Muslims of India. Khilafat Movement had failed. Hindu extremist parties like Arya Samaj, S'hudhhi and Sanghthan were resurging. It was then; he proposed creation of an independent muslim state or states going by the cannons of real politik. He wrote a great deal for us. Since he could write and 1 cannot. I have chosen a pearl out of many pearls of wisdom. It is one his poem titled (                 ). Why am 1 doing it? For he Dr. Iqbal, failed to make it clear what comes, first. Or at least his message could not reach the government in Pakistan, in year 2001. Or may be the shock of fall of two buildings in New York was too strong for the memory of those in power. Somehow the identity was lost or if not completely, some serious damage was caused to the raison de etre. What, am I? First of all is it my ethnic grouping, racial discrimination, sect, division by language, or is it based on my being native or migrant. Sure 1 can not write the way he did. So all I ask him is to review, revise and amend this poem. In his poem, as it follows below, he traced the dictates of 20th Century, on political thoughts leading to the notion of nationalism. Which in turn led to the political   divide   and   the   world   witnessed  the   two
World wars! Dr. Iqbal please, do either of two.
One:  Clarify to present leadership and men in government as to who we are? Pakistani first or muslim first. Where lies, our interests. And also educate and convince the leadership of  PONM and MQM on the same issue. For they also need to know who they arc
Two  Change the title of this poem to Sub Say Pehlay Pakistan and make necessary changes in the contents. It is your poem and it is your country you make the changes. I cannot do it. Dr. Iqbal I am helpless. I am too weak in Urdu. I cannot make amendments to your poem. Please Dr. Iqbal, 1 beg you. Do either of two.
That is the beginning. Nationalism has been equated to birth and creation of new god. Tragedy is that muslims have also reshaped and reconstructed their point of focus, which used to be Kaba. And whatsoever is the paradigm of this modernity under new god i.e. nationalism, is the death wrapper of religion, the divined religion. He goes on to reveal and teach us:-

Nationalism is the product of modern civilization. And that this neo-god. in other words the narrow national interests are nothing but the death message for the religion of prophets.

Yon, Muslim, draw all the strength from oneness of God (Allah). The real concept of Allah. This was and is the focal point of your strength. The name of your country is 'Islam' Lo, you are Mustafwi. the follower of last prophet. Islam is your first and Islam is your last.
You, Mustafwi, if you are Mustafwi, let the old story be repeated. Smash tins god of nationalism.

if you are locked up in geographical boundaries, or parochialism or racial bondages then you are destined to doom. Do not be divided in these physical parameters. Live in the ocean: enjoy the barrier less country like a fish does.
Migration or hijrah for the cause of Islam is the practice of prophets. Why cannot you follow and exhibit this tradition. Standby the truth of prophet-hood by your deeds.
By the tenants of politics, country means, fat different than the meanings it carry in the teachings of prophet. By the teaching of prophet of Allah country means, 'Da'ras-salam and outside Da'ras-salam is Dar-ul-Kufar.

The cut-throat competition amongst the nations is due to this (nationalism). The whole fight in trade and commerce is also due to this.
Our politics is devoid of truth and virtue due to this reason (nationalist approach).


And behold poor and weak gets annihilated because of Ibis.
The division and dissensions amongst the mankind are due to this. And the very foundation of muslimhood and universal nationhood is undermined due to this.

Last three verses highlight the curse of nationalism. And who would disagree as to what was the most significant cause of WW I & II. Was not Adolf Hitler the great exponent of nationalism? And what is motivating Sharon to annihilate Palestinians today. It also explains why Bush is found on killing spree in Iraq and Afghanistan. France and Britain remained at war against each other for hundred years. Should my vision be as myopic as my immediate interests? Can a muslim be alien and unwanted in daras-salam? A muslim should be at home in His universe, unless his or her activities are injurious to she teachings of Islam. Can I let America attack Afghanistan and Iran from muslim soil'? May people with prudence and vision today identify the right identity for themselves. And I also pray that they place you Dr. Iqbal, in the rightful place. May they not in their blind rout degrade you also. O' Allah may they not.