Contribution In Media



Bakhtiar, Secretary General

Year [Topic/Title/Issue/Program/yy] TV [Channel] Radio [Channel] Newspaper/Journals Remarks/Web link
25 Mar Insight Pakistan with Ammarah Regional Cooperation Roze TV Ammarah Official Page

Lt Gen N K Lodhi, Chairman

Year [Topic/Title/Issue/Program/yy] TV [Channel] Radio [Channel] Newspaper/Journals Remarks/Web link
8 FEb Sach with Asim Terrorism in the Region Sach TV
9 Feb Focus Pakistan Indo-Pak relations PTV World
10 Feb Apna Apna Gareeban Zarb e Azab and Rehabilitation of IDPs Waqat News
15 Feb Sach Time Purchase of F 16 and India Sach TV
17 Feb Pak Today Presence of ISIL in Pakistan PTV World

Brig Asif Haroon Raja, Member of Directors

Articles are regularly published in the following journals:
1. Veterans Today 2. States Times 3. Bitter Truth
4. Good Governance 5. Make Pakistan Better 6. Pak Tribune
7. Muslim News 8. Gulf News 9. Pakistan Think Tank
10. Brits Asia magazine 11. South Asian Pulse 12. Ummat magazine
Following ask for the interview on skype/phone/video:
1. Ummat magazine karachi 2. Veterans Today Radio - Mike Harris
3. Russia Today 4. Tactical Talk - Zain Khan
Appears on TV talk show off and on the following channels: Roze Tv, Ab Tak, Such, 92 channel; Waqt;

Hajra Saeed

Year No. of Articles Topics [Channel] Newspaper / Magazine / Blog /Journals
1997-2001 34 Short stories on personal experiences, book, movie and music reviews, quizzes, letters to the editor Young Nation (Children’s magazine of The Nation, published from Lahore)
1998-2002 25 Personalities such as Quaid e Azam, Allama Iqbal etc Social issues such as child labour, dowry, injustice & inequality, Problems faced by the nation Young Writers Guild (an initiative of The Nation, Islamabad)
June-September 2002 11 Media & IT Nation Plus (daily supplement of The Nation published from Lahore)
2003-2009 30 Fictional short stories, Short biographies of celebrities, Relationships, Societal issues Women’s Own magazine (published from Karachi)
2003 3 IT Teasers (IT based quizzes) (IT magazine of Dawn newspaper published from Karachi)
2004 1 ‘Museum of Childhood’ SHE magazine (published from Karachi)
2007-2010 40 Summaries of the complete Holy Quran, personalities such as Quaid e Azam, Fatima Jinnah, Razia Sultana, National matters Sunday Plus (Sunday magazine of The Nation, published from Lahore)
2007-present 20 23rd March, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul Azha, Independence Day, Defense Day, Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal etc Special supplements (The Nation, published from Lahore)
2008 & 2009 4 ‘Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah’, ‘Ever Wondered Why’, ‘Internationalization of Kashmir’, ‘Palestinian Muslims’ Editorials (The Nation, published from Lahore)
2009 2 ‘One year anniversary of Ghakar Plaza’, ‘Patience & Perseverance’ City News (daily supplement of The News, published from Islamabad)
August 2010 2 ‘Prelude to Destruction’, ‘If Only (14th August)’ Observer newspaper (published from Islamabad)
2013-present 37 Culture, Personalities, Achievements in any field, Entrepreneurial ventures (all related to Pakistan) ‘Six Ways of Finding Great Ideas for Writing ,