Maj Gen S H Zaidi
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City /Country rawalpindi , Pakistan
Mr Mukhtar Ahmad Tahir
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City /Country lahore , Pakistan
Details Soil Scientist, Water Quality and Envrionment Specialist.
Aurangzeb Khan
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Details Major retired Aurangzeb is a student of MBA at APCOMS. A young man with great potentials.
Muhammad Safdar Bashir
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Details A member of Hurriat.
S. Bashir Mahmood
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City /Country rawalpindi , Pakistan
Details (Nuclear Engineer, Islamic Scholar & Writer)


Sultan Bashir Mahmood is an internationally recognized personality in the nuclear circles. He shot to prominence in 1972 when he invented a machine (SBM Probe) {SBM stands for Sultan Bashir Mahmood} to stop heavy water leaks. There after he was made the founder director of Pakistan's nuclear Enrichment project a fundamental facility for making nuclear Weapons. He stayed with Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission till 1999 (1963-1999) when he sought early retirement from the post of Director General Nuclear Power due to differences with the then government on signing CTBT. After retirement SBM launched an international NGO for the scientific and Industrial Development of the Muslim world by the name of "Ummah Tameer-e-Nau".


• Initiated and completed some of the major Atomic Projects of Pakistan.
• Founder Director of the Kahuta Nuclear Enrichment Program for the Atom Bomb of Pakistan in 1974.
• Designer and builder of Khushab Nuclear Power Plant – the only indigenous plant of its kind in the Muslim world to produce Plutonium and Tritium.
• Author of many books and papers on Nuclear Science/ Technology.
• Inventor of many inventions and processes in Nuclear Technology.
• Has extensively worked on transfer and Indigenous development of peaceful applications nuclear technology in medicine, agriculture and industry.
• Pioneered the subject of research on Quran and Science in Pakistan.
• President of Ummah Tameer-e-Nau, an international NGO, for industrial and economic development of the Muslim Ummah.
• Chairman Holy Quran Research Foundation, Islamabad.
• Chairman Dar-ul-Hikmat International.

He is also author of over 15 technical and religious books such as “Doomsday and Life After Death” (a scientific interpretation of Quran’s versus) “Muhammad: The First & the Last” “Cosmology and Human Destiny” and many others. He is a widely respected man in academic and religious circles in Pakistan and abroad. He is also writing a Tafseer of Quran of which the first volume has been published in 2005.

He was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz, a high civil award, by the government of Pakistan in recognition of his contribution to nuclear science and technology in Pakistan. US Institute of Historical biographies mentions him in there ‘who is who’ list and presented him a gold medal in 1998.

He has also been awarded Gold Medal by the Pakistan Academy of Sciences for his, distinguished contributions to science at national and international level.

Has written about 17 books on Islam & Science including:

1. “Kitab e Zindagi” 2. “Mawara”
3. “Taseer ul Bayan” 4. “Qiyamat or Hayat Bad al Mot”
5. “Quran Aik Sciency Mojza” 6. “Talash e Haqeeqat”
7. “Al fozul Azeem” 8. “Qiyama key Motalik Heyrat angez Peshgoiyan”
9. “Qiyama key Motalik Heyrat angez Sciency Mushahidat o Tajrbat” 10. “First and the Last”
11. “Doomsday & Life After Death” 12 “Cosmology & Human Destiny”
13. “Children Rhymes” 14. “Our Journey Through Time and Space”
15 “Quran Pak or Azeem Sciency Daryaftain” 16. “Pahliy or Akhriy Haqeeqat”.
17. “Dharhi”
Bakhtiar Hakeem
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Details Bakhtiar

1. What Do I stand For. I have developed a deep conviction that my identity as a Muslim is in fact, a demand of a particular role. And the crux of this role is best denoted by these words of last prophet.
Khair un nas man yan faun nas

Translation: Best amongst you is one who is best for other people.
The spirit of this saying can be manifested in a multiple ways. Therefore, I stand for yielding benefit, extending help and providing succor to needy. For sure it is not a claim, it is a statement of my course; it is what I stand for. TFP is providing for and has excellent potentials for harnessing and dove tailing mine and the efforts of my friends who are the exponents of above saying.
2. My Contributions. Some measurable and recorded contributions are as follows: -
a. About seventy hours of social service for patients at Ganga Ram Hospital in 1963-64.
b. Number of students taught at GC Lahore should be approximately one-fifty; in year 1969.
c. Teaching and training all ranks in the three institutions of Pakistan Army. The number of students should be approximately five hundred. I should have addressed about two hundred officers as guest speaker in four different institutions. The period was from 1978-1994.
d. Co-authored a professional (text) book for Pakistan Artillery in 1980.
e. Wrote approximately seventy, letters and small to detailed articles for an English magazine and two English Dailies from year 2003 – 2006.
f. Urdu Book islam quarn aur ham

was published and launched in December 2006.
g. Have taught following subjects at graduate and master level; principles of management, organizational behavior, management of training, business communication, training and development, critical thinking, leadership and Pakistan studies. The number of students should
be eight hundred plus.
h. An essay on Limited War was selected and published In Green Book 2004.
i. Laid a new sewerage line for a colony of one hundred and three quarters. There was a primary school in the same community it was upgraded as a high school. Especial care and attention was given to Hindu students, since they were poor.
i. Social service for patients is in progress for last one year. About forty patients are visited every month. And it is no more an individual effort; my one student has joined me now.
j. Have started contributing for
k. Thinkers Forum Pakistan is a reality for over eight months. Its vision is ‘Better Pakistan’.
l. Spending up to six hours every week with the students. Three hours with about twenty plus at graduate level and three hours with about same number at mast level. Realization of the identity as a Muslim and then of a Pakistani is always the underlying idea of all communications.
m. Conversing a primary school into high school. Introduced computers to students in that school; especially served Hindu students in that School at Hyderabad.
3. Experience. Very briefly: -
a. Scout for three years, was permanent member of debate society, had brief exposure at Radio Pakistan Lahore as school student.
c. Student demonstrator at GC Lahore, drama artist at Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore and later underwent training for stage drama at Pakistan Arts Council Alhamra – Lahore.
d. Six years in command, six years on staff and seven years of instructions are the major time blocks of thirty years in Khaki. I am Colonel of Battalion for last six years of my parent Regiment, 84 Field Regiment Artillery.
e. Serving at the Head Office of Army Welfare Trust, a corporate business house, as senior manager operations.
4. Education. The credentials may or may not be of any relevance to the vision, for which I stand for.
BA (Arabic) B.Sc, B.Sc (Hons) War Studies, M.Sc (Pak Studies), MBA.(General Management). Training at DPRK, two short courses at PIM.

Navid Zafar
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Shams-ul-haq Awan
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Details I am a new membe of thinkers forum
lt Gen Muhammd Asad Durrani
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