The 4th Monthly Seminar (MS) was held on Aug 28th. Our Member BoG, Brig Asif Haroon Raja, was the learned speaker at the occasion. The obtaining political and security situation, was indeed riding the thoughts and nerves of majority; therefore, chosen to be the topic for this MS.

1. General The 4th Monthly Seminar (MS) was held on Aug 28th. Our Member BoG, Brig Asif Haroon Raja, was the learned speaker at the occasion. The obtaining political and security situation, was indeed riding the thoughts and nerves of majority; therefore, chosen to be the topic for this MS.  

2. The Event Layout. The proceedings for the evening were as follows:   

   2.1 Recitation of Holy Quran, explanation of the meanings and its relevance to us. Secy Gen.

   2.2 Welcome and the Opening Note by the Secy Gen.

   2.3 Business of the Forum, by the Secy Gen.

   2.4 The Talk, Political and Security Situation-as of Today, Brig Asif Haroon.   

   2.5 Conclusion & Award of Certificate of Merit. Col Riaz Jafri, VC TFP.  

3. Recitation from Holy Quran and its Meanings. Three Ayah Mubaraka were selected, to highlight and promote three very primary concepts and stepping stones for the conduct.  

 3.1 Commonality of Biological and Genetic Seed.  4:1. It cuts the very roots of prejudices growing out of pedigree. Those who stand disunited being son of a syed and merasi, and being Sindhi and Mohajir, and being African American and Latino vs. White Donald Trump; may learn some lesson from it. Additional reference; 7: 189.  

3.2 The Task, the Role and the Responsibility. 2:30. It states my ultimate goal; the grand JD (job description). What I am here for and responsible to do. What I have been entrusted with.  Additional and supporting reference, 6:165. 45:4-5, & 12-13.

3.3 The Performance Evaluation & the Appraisal. 98:7. It tells me the parameter of my performance, and that of all sons and daughters of Adam, pbuh. How my performance would be examined and rated. And who is best out of all of His creatures. Supporting references 3:92, 26:181-183.   

اے لوگو (ف۲) اپنے رب سے ڈرو جس نے تمہیں ایک جان سے پیدا کیا (ف۳) اور اسی میں سے اس کا جوڑا بنایا اور ان دونوں سے بہت سے مرد و عورت پھیلادیئے اور اللّٰہ سے ڈرو جس کے نام پر مانگتے ہو اور رشتوں کا لحاظ رکھو  بے شک اللّٰہ ہر وقت تمہیں دیکھ رہا ہے۔ 4:1.

اور یاد کرو جب تمہارے رب نے فرشتوں سے فرمایامیں زمین میں اپنا نائب بنانے والا ہوں ۔بولے کیا ایسے کو نائب کرے گا جو اس میں فساد پھیلائے گا اور خونریزیاں کرے گا  اور ہم تجھے سراہتے ہوئے تیری تسبیح کرتے اور تیری پاکی بولتے ہیں فرمایا مجھے معلوم ہے جو تم نہیں جانتے ۔ 2:30     

بے شک جو ایمان لائے اور اچھے کام کئے وہی تمام مخلوق میں بہتر ہیں. 98:7.








4 Welcome Note and the Opening Words

4.1 Secy Gen said, “It is indeed a day in the month and an occasion to thank you all. I am obliged, ladies and gentlemen for your time and efforts to be here. At TFP, we join hands and harness our struggle for ‘Better Pakistan’. May it be collecting Rs. 2.5 Mn, buying stuff and distributing to the flood affected in year 2010, or doing auction of the portraits of Edhi, and giving Rs. 30,000 to Edhi Home, last month. And I am sure you are aware of our on-going schemes.

4.2  Value and respect for collective self is draining and diminishing. No qualms are felt while mud-slinging whole of the politicians, the office of PM and respectable judges and not only that Pakistan as a country. How easily people tell you at your face, ‘it’s ok, everything is possible in Pakistan or, with a wink of an eye, all goes here; you can buy anyone and everyone; why are you stopping here, on red-light, see none stops here….it is not Europe or Saudia…’ Some very proudly tell you how he or she broke all the boundaries of law, or bindings of rules and got the job done, while rest all are waiting in the queue. Or fixed up his enemy. And you take it! The man was abusing the whole, including you! We got to stand up and learn to protect our superior identities and common platform. This pride needs to be inculcated, nurtured and valued.

4.3  Our ID No. 1 is Islam, and No. 2 Pakistan. Rest all follow, and in a descending order.

4.4  Introduction of New Comers. It is essential part of our format, to ask all new faces, to introduce themselves. There were two:

   4.4.1 Ms. Sheemah Khan. She is a development and an aid worker. She had worked on the governance, electoral and parliamentary reforms in Pakistan. She worked on security, arms control and support to public administration and trade capacity in South Sudan.

  4.4.2  Mr. Kamran Saeed.   A scholar of M Phil IR, who is keen to learn about the political and prevailing world order and it’s under currents. He expects TFP to be the right platform to satisfy his thirst. 

5 Business of the Forum. There were four points on Agenda. These were:

  5.1.1 Issue 35 of BM. It was handed to the worthy members and the contributing scholars. Non-members were required to    purchase it @ of Rs. 100/- per copy. Following are the Old, the New and the subscribers to be:

  5.1.2 Old Subscriber. APCOMS, HITEC Uni; ten copies each.

  5.1.3 New Subscriber. UET Taxila; three copies per issue, on a yearly contract.

  5.1.4 Subscriber in Pipeline. School of Artillery, Punjab Public Libraries, thru the DG, Dr. Zaheer A Babar

5.2 Sbm Lib. CLS, (Content List Service) was displayed, and given due attention by the worthy participants. It has been sent to all members in e-contact. In addition, audience was briefed about: -

  5.2.1 The process of computerization of books and all on the inventory is in hand. The books and material entered so far is given at Annex B.

  5.2.2 New Arrivals. Books received and entered from June to August are given at Annex C.

5.3 AMS Report. Rs. 5,000 was received during the month. Nothing spent after May. Plans are ready to interview short listed probable at APCOMS, RMC and HITEC Uni. The case of a medical student at LUMHS is near finalization. Dr. Rasool Bux Behan, DSA LUMHS is proving to be a good help. Annex D.

5.4 Monthly statement of acct. Attached as Annex E.

6. The Talk, Political and Security Situation-as of Today, by Brig Asif Haroon. The topic had two parts. The learned speaker dealt with the security outlook and the prevailing dynamics at length and in-depth. The evil designs and nexus working against Pakistan were dwelt at. The Abridged version, of Paper, attached as Annex A; elaborates the ill-timed and reasons of PTI-PAT and Sh. Rashid’s nexus, against Nawaz sharif. The question answer session became lopsided. It tilted heavily in favor of lengthy and long winding evaluating comments and additions. There were elaborate pre-ambles with hardly any enquiry. Some of the friend added valuable information, leaving little time for Q &A. Col Mushtaq and Mrs. Col Mushtaq asked and raised important questions. Then there were questions, with known answers and without any scope to add or change what the enquirer knew prior to the occasion. 

7. Conclusion Col Riaz Jafri, VC TFP, concluded the session. He summarized the Talk and what had been said by the participants. A need was felt to arrange a talk-cum-discussion to ponder on how to go about consolidation as a nation from within.  The evening came to a close with award of Certificate of Merit to Brig Asif Haroon, the learned scholar.  

And before I sign off, here is an Eid Card and___________________

                                                                                                                                                         Secretary General

Annexes (enclosed primarily for those are not in e-group and who did not attend)

  • Abridged Version of the detailed Paper by the learned speaker, on Pol and Security Situation-as of Today.
  • SBM Lib: LIMS.
  • SBM Lib: New Arrivals.
  • AMS Report.
  • Statement of Monthly Accts, ME 31ST Aug.