TFP was the learned speaker at the occasion.  Mr. Rana Abdul Baqi was especially invited to introduce his Sofaid Posh scheme. Another special appearance was, Mr. Imdad Akash. The venue was H Cube Plaza off GT Rd, Phase II, DHA.

1 . General . May 29th we met for our 2nd MS. Lt Gen Naeem Khalid Lodhi, Chairman TFP was the learned speaker at the      occasion.  Mr. Rana Abdul Baqi was especially invited to introduce his ‘Sofaid Posh’ scheme. Another special appearance was, Mr. Imdad Akash. The venue was H Cube Plaza off GT Rd, Phase II, DHA.

2. The Event Layout. The proceedings for the evening were as follows:   

    2.1 Recitation of Holy Quran, explanation of the meanings and its relevance to us. Secy Gen enjoyed the honor.    

    2.2 Welcome and the Opening note by the Secy Gen.

    2.3 Business of the Forum, by the Secy Gen.

    2.4 The Talk, Indo-Pak Relations: Future Prospects, by Lt Gen N K Lodhi.

   2.5 Kalam e Iqbal played and sung by Mr. Tariq Naeem

   2.6 Conclusion & Award of Certificate of Merit. Col Riaz Jafri, VC TFP concluded the session.

3. Recitation from Holy Quran and its Meanings. الانعام :164 was recited and the meanings read out and explained, briefly. Please find two translations below.

 تم فرماؤ کیا اللّٰہ کے سوا اور رب چاہوں حالانکہ وہ ہر چیز کا رب ہے  اور جو کوئی کچھ کمائے وہ اسی کے ذمہ ہے اور کوئی بوجھ اٹھانے والی جان دوسرے کا بوجھ نہ اٹھائے گی  پھر تمہیں اپنے رب کی طرف پھرنا ہے وہ تمہیں بتادے گا جس میں اختلاف کرتے تھے ۔ 

Say shall I seek another Allah for Lord. When He is Lord of everything. Each soul earnth only on its own account, nor doth any laden bear another’s load. Then unto your Lord is your return and He will tell you that where in ye differed.                                 [Marmaduke Muhammad Pikthall]







4. Welcome Note and the Opening Words. Secy Gen said, “It is indeed pleasure to see you all here. I welcome you, ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the Chairman TFP, Gen Naeem Khalid Lodhi, and on my own behalf as Secy General. You are here for ‘Better Pakistan’, the vision of TFP. We value your time and efforts spared for this noble cause.” I shall never be tired of repeating the vision of TFP. Another implication of this vision would be آو دینا سیکھیں.   

4.1 Then the new audience was invited to introduce themselves. Here are their names below. This Report will be sent to all, directly or indirectly. I invite you to join TFP, and send me your introduction.

  4.1.1 Ms. Nelum Sehar Janjua

  4.1.2. Mr. Sohail Abbasi

  4.1.3 Mr. Imdad Akash

5. Business of the Forum. Three points were covered;  these were:

5.1. Sbm Lib. Five books were added in these 29 days. Slide was displayed to show this data/info. 36,000 books are likely to be available as e-books. One Tera-Byte hard disc has been bought by the Secy Gen and dedicated for SBM Lib and TFP. Annex B. 

5.2 There are 25 AMS beneficiaries in 7 different institutions, as of now. We received Rs. 85,000 in the month and spent Rs.      1,364. For details see Annex C.

5.3 Monthly statement of acct. TFP received Rs. 37,040 in the month and spent Rs. 26,400. Annex D.

6. The Talk-cum-Discussion, ‘Pak-India Relations: The learned speaker conducted the session in most inter-active fashion. He gave good eleven points which has so far formed the bases and shaped the bilateral relations. It had all the seeds for the participants to air their views. After a detailed debate joined by more than fifty percent of the audience, next step was, how do we move forward.  Again there was extensive participation. The time ran out to fruitfully infer and come to some conclusion. Annex A shows four slides, presenting more than two scores of crystallized points. There is a great deal of food for thought in these lines. A summary of all those who participated and their views is given below:

6.1 Col Jafri. India weakening us thru exploitation of our sectarian strife and stratification.

6.2 Aftab Abbasi. It was the issue of Kashmir, which formed the bone of contention. And continues to be so. He dilated on his understanding of the Kashmir conflict; what it was, and its ramifications over the decades.

6.3 Mr. Imdad Akash. He forcefully put across three points:

   6.3.1 Hindu bashing and India bashing will not take you to a brighter future. Have a new narrative.

   6.3.2 Seek refuge in economic development.

   6.3.3 People across the borders love each other, by and large.

6.4  Mr. Rana Abdul Baqi. Policy making, and law-making, are the weakest areas. Good 11 to 12 Articles of the Constitution are not being followed.

6.5 Brig Rafique. He took the lion’s share. Dwelt on:

  6.5.1 Status of Northern Areas.

  6.5.2 Weak and missing policies.

  6.5.3 We are agro based and will remain so.

  6.5.4 India is deficit in oil and energy.

  6.5.5 India would like to sustain and maintain us as an enemy for its internal cohesion

6.6 Dr. Shafqat Farooq. She promoted her view point on figures and stats.

6.6.1 India-Bangladesh pacts and agreements.

6.6.2. Indian control of riverine water, both of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

6.6.3 Borrowed capital and borrowed vision, intertwined.

6.6.4 Chabhar-Gawadar; Indian role and predicament for Pakistan

6.7 Gen Zahid. He focused on two areas:

  6.7.1 The need of internal reforms.

  6.7.2 Pakistan cannot proceed ahead in isolation.

  6.7.3 There was a dire and urgent need to re-visit our relations with KSA and Iran

6.8 Mr. Sohail Abbasi. He propounded democracies do not go to war. In addition, he said:

    6.8.1 Justice is too costly in our country.

    6.8.2 Have economic relations and ties with India

6.9 Col Murtaza. His focus was our identity.

    6.9.1 We were induced and prejudiced.

    6.9.2 We are in a state of confusion.

6.10 Mr. Malik Liaqat Ali. He stressed Jews and Hindus cannot be our friends; in addition:

    6.10.1 It is war of interests.

    6.10.2 Foreign powers do not want peace in the region.

7. Conclusion A lot had been said and heard. In the humble opinion of undersigned, sentences starting with ‘I’ and ending on ‘me’; and based totally on personal experience are the weakest of reference. The diversified debate could be termed as the first session before convergence. All who attended; less Dr. Z A Qureshi, must be feeling satisfied for their contribution. Forum stands grateful. Hopefully this PMR, reaches all. And they find their views have been recorded correctly. May it be known, PMR of all Monthly Meetings/Seminars held since Apr 2007 are part of records at TFP Office and SBM Lib. Col Jafri, acting as the Chairman concluded the session. At the end he rightfully eulogized the efforts of learned speaker and presented him certificate of merit.

And before I sign off, here is an Eid Card and___________________

                                                                                                                                                          Secretary General


Annexes (enclosed primarily for those are not in e-group and who did not attend)

  • Presentation,
  • SBM Lib. New Arrivals
  • AMS. An updated Statement of Accts for the Year 2016
  • Statement of Monthly Accts