Resolutions No.1

RESOLUTIONS - (27th June 2007)

It was resolved that:

1.1. The name of forum shall be Thinkers Forum Pakistan; with the short title “TFP”.

1.2. It will be a social group with a vision of ‘better Pakistan’ based on the ideology of Pakistan. The word ‘better’ encompassing as a society, polity and government. It shall be a non-profit organization.

1.3. Membership shall be open to all who believe in the ideological foundations of Pakistan. Rejection, disqualification and expulsion of any member will be through two-third majority of the executive body or the board.

1.4. All decisions shall be taken through simple majority out of the members present on the occasion and, or opinion indicted in writing by those not present. This procedure shall remain in force till an executive body or board is constituted.

1.5. All decisions taken in the light of above procedure, laid at 1.4 can be reviewed, amended and changed through a two third majority agfer a minimum of three months.

1.6. A representative executive body or board shall be formed with in six months of this Resolution.

1.7. The Executive Body or the Board shall not have less than five members. And the tenure of the Body shall not be more than one year from the day of its being effective. A member shall be able to be re-elected for any number of times.

1.8. ‘Objectives’ of TF: P, to realize the ‘vision’ shall be formulated separately.

1.9. All members shall pay a seed money of Rs. 1,000/-. It will include the annual fee of Rs. 500/- for the first year as well. However, there shall be no defaulter. All expenses shall be born by the members who volunteer to pay. A joint account shall be operated by Brig Kaukab Ali Bhatti, retd and Colonel Bakhtiar Hakeem, retd, till the constitution of an Executive body.

1.10. Forum shall meet once in every calendar month, ordinarily. The name of speaker, the topic, date and time shall be intimated by the Convener or secretary well in advance.

1.11. Forum shall have a website at the same time exploring all other means i.e. electronic and print to realize the vision stated at item 1.2.

1.12. The learned speaker, whether one or two, on each occasion shall be given a suitable honoraria.