Written By : Mr Sultan Bashir Mahmood
When the researchers started counting the words and letters of the text of the Holy Quran, they were surprised with the fact that occurrences of many of the words and letters were a straight multiple of the number 19. Perhaps they thought, it could be a mere coincident. But mystery deepened when it was discovered that it was an all prevailing phenomena through out the Quran.


Research conducted in the structure and arrangement of the holy Quran into words, ayaat and suras reveal an extraordinary mind boggling mathematical miracle of the Book of Allah. Its letters, words, sentences and chapters are designed and arranged according to a very special mathematical code. In this design the number 19 holds the key position.

When the researchers started counting the words and letters of the text of the Holy Quran, they were surprised with the fact that occurrences of many of the words and letters were a straight multiple of the number 19. Perhaps they thought, it could be a mere coincident. But mystery deepened when it was discovered that it was an all prevailing phenomena through out the Quran.

This miracle starts with the very first ayat (ÈÓã Çááå ÇáÑÍãä ÇáÑÍíã) of the Holy Quran, which consists of four words. Ism ÇÓã, Allah Çááå, Ar-Rahmaan and Ar- Raheem, all total composed of 19 letters.

ã ì Í Ñ á Ç ä ã Í Ñ á Ç å á á Ç ã Ó È
19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

It was found that its words i.e. Ism (ÇÓã) Allah (Çááå), Ar-Rahmaan (ÑÍãä) and Ar-Raheem (ÑÍíã), constituting this ayat occur in the general text of the Quran (excluding this ayat) 19, 2099, 57, 114 times respectively. Each of these numbers is the straight multiple of 19. Exception is the name of Allah. It occurs 2099 time which is 142x19+1. This may be due to the fact that Name of Allah must be above any formula. (He is Absolute and Indivisible). Balance of one in (142x19) +1 speak of His Unity. Is it a mere coincidence or by design? One cannot say. But this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Quran consists of 114 chapters which is also multiple i.e. 19x6=114. It is also seen that only 113 sura, begin with Bismillah. Sura Tauba begins without it. But, as if to complete the formula, this miss is compensated in the sura Namal where it occurs twice. Thus raising the number to 114 i.e. 19x6=114.

Could this be a coincident also? Most likely not but still not sure.

Researchers were surprised to discover that the sum of the numbers of all suras between Tauba and Namal i.e. 9+10+11+26+27=342 is also the multiple of 19 i.e. 9x18. Not only this, they were baffled to see that the number of words between the first Bismillah and 2nd one of sura Namal it is also 342 designed to fit this formula. They are 342 i.e. 19x18. 

Thus surely meant that arrangement cannot be coincidental. It must have been designed by the author of this book. However, more was yet to come. The author of this book had divided the Holy Quran into 114 chapters to fit the formula of 19 (19x6 = 114). When we add all the sura numbers from one to 114 (i.e. 1+2+3+….….. 110+ 111+ 112+ 113+ 114) their sum total is 6555 which is also a multiple of 19 i.e. 6555=19x345.

First Revelation and 19

Mind baffling fact is that mathematical design of the Holy Quran is not limited to its few suras or few words only. It is all prevailing throughout this book. Following facts speak out clearly that the author of this Book had pre-programmed in His mind, he is going to write a book, whose that letters, words, ayaat and chapters will conform to and arranged in a mathematical model based on the number 19. This is evident from the first revelation to the Messenger of Allah (Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå æÓáã). It consisted of the following five ayaat of sura Alaq.


“(Read)! With Name of your Rabb – Who created man from Alaq. Read; and your Rabb is the most Beneficent, Who taught by the Pen. Taught man that, he knew not…”

You can easily count the words and letters of this revelation. They consists of 19 words and 76 letters. Both numbers are a straight multiple of 19 (76=19x4). The first revelation was made part of a sura (Alaq), which is composed of 19 ayaat. In the overall structure of the Holy Quran this sura was placed at the 96th position out of 114. Thus there are 95 i.e. (19x5) suras before it, and 19 suras after it. What is most surprising fact is that the Author of the Holy Quran also took care that the words composing sura Alaq (which contains the first revelation) should also be limited to 304, another exact multiple of 19 i.e. 304=19x16.

Would any human author plan his/her book in such way? Have anyone is the part in any country of the world perfumed such fact? So how could Muhammad (peace be upon him) do so and he is the author of the Holy Quran? If not then who else can be the author of this book other then Allah Subhana-Hu?

Miracle of Haroof-E-Muqqatiat – (Special Initials)

What has been told so far it is indeed very surprising what is really mind boggling is that the author of the Holy Quran introduced certain initials to begin 29 chapters out of 114, which even for the Arabs of those days were unfamiliar. They are called Haroof-e-Muqqatiat (ÍÑæÝ ãÞØÚÇÊ). Altogether these initials comprise of 14 letters, exactly half of the Arabic alphabet; and arranged in 14 different sets. If you add these numbers i.e. (14+14+29) it comes to 57 which is again multiple of 19. To quote some examples of Haroof-e-Muqqatiat sura Al-Baqra begins with the letters Ç á ã, sura Yaseen with ì Ó. Some five suras start with letters Í ã. Sura Quaf begins with single letter Þ, and sura Al-Qalam with letter ä only.

In 1976, when first time letters and words of the Holy Quran were counted with the help of computers, it was discovered that Haroof-e-Muqqatiat are also designed to fit the mysterious code of 19. That means that the author of Holy Quran must had counted all the letters and words of the Holy Quran and then arranged them into such a manner that their combinations must follow the code of 19.

For example, sura Al-Qalam 68 begins with letter ä. Total occurrence of this letter in the entire sura is 133 which is 19x7. Sura Araaf 7 and sura Maryam begin with the letter Õ. Total number of Õ in these two suras is 152 i.e. 19x8.

In sura (ì Ó) íÓ, letter ì occurs 237 times and letter Ó 48 times. Sum of these two letters (237+48=285=19x15) is also an exact multiple of 19.

Seven sura of the holy Quran (40 to 46) begin with letter Í ã. Total occurrence of the letter Í and  letter ã respectively, in these seven suras is 292 and 1855, sum of which is = 2147, also an exact multiple of 19 i.e. 2147 =19x113.

Sura Shuraa number 42 begins with letter Í ã Ú Ó Þ , sura 50 Quaff, begins with letter Þ. If you add letter Þ Quaf in both these sura it is found to occur 57 times in each. (57=19x3), total 114 i.e. 19x6. By the way the word Quran begins with the letter Kaaf Þ.

It is interesting to note that sum of all the letters Þ, in every 19th ayat of every sura in the whole of the Holy Quran is 76 i.e. 19x4=76, a multiple of 19.


Miraculous Relationship between the Solar and the Lunar Year

Scientific knowledge about the exact relationship between a solar year and the lunar year is very recent. Not long ago a Solar year was considered of 365 days and lunar year of 354 days. At the end of 20th century, with the accuracy achieved in time measurement, science has reached to the conclusion that one Solar year is equal to 365.2422 days and one lunar year is equal to 354.60394 days.
Thus the exact ration between the Lunar year to Solar year is equal to 354.60394 divided by 365.2422, which is 0.9700734.
Let us now turn to the Holy Quran. More than fourteen hundred years ago while narrating in the case history of the people of cave in sura Kahaf ayat 25, it had pointed out that 300 Solar years are equal to 309 Lunar years.

“And they stayed in their cave three hundred years (Solar), and add nine to it (for Lunar calendar)”.
Here is a test of the Truth of the Quran. If it is from Allah then 300 Solar years must be exactly equal to 309 Lunar years.

Accordingly, the ratio between a Lunar and Solar year will be 300 divided by 309. This is equal to 0.970073. One is wonder struck to see that it is exactly the same as calculated above using the latest measurements of the length of the solar and lunar years by science. Difference at the Seventh place of decimal may mean that there may be some very minor error in the scientific measurements.

We can also verify the same by calculating the number of days in 300 Solar years and 309 lunar years. They must be equal.

Days in 300 solar years:
300x365.2422 = 109572.66 days
Days in 309 lunar years:-
309x354.60394 = 109572.66 days

Subhan Allah. How science is emerging as a witness to the Truth of the Holy Quran. “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå æÓáã) is the Messenger of Allah”.

Miraculous Relation about the Oceans and Dry Land on Earth

Usually it is said that ratio of oceans to dry land on the surface of the earth is 75/25. But after development of space satellite geography it has been discovered that land is precisely 28.8888 percent the rest of 71.1111 percent area is under the oceans. Now come to the Holy Quran.

In the entire Quran the word ‘Barr’ (ÈÑ) which means ‘dry land’ is used 13 times, where as the word “Bahar (ÈÍÑ)” which means ‘ocean’ occurs 32 times (Total 13+32=45).

Here is a remarkable relationship between the land and oceans areas on earth. Accordingly, on the percentage basis land ratio to the total surface of the earth will be 13 divided by 45 i.e. 13/45x100 =28.8888 percent. And percentage of oceans will be 32/45x100 – 71.11111 percent.
You can see how exactly it matches with the latest discoveries in the science of geology.

If anyone thinks that Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the author of the Holy Quran, then two things are obvious. One, that he exactly knew the earthly geography about oceans and land; and secondly, he had counted the occurrence of the words ‘Barr’ (ÈÑ) and Bahar (ÈÍÑ) in his book and then adjusted the numbers to match them with the ration between the areas under land and oceans. If he did it, then you have to acknowledge that the Holy Quran must be the Revelation from Allah.

Just Ponder Over

In this article you have scanned through some of the great discoveries of the modern science, and compared them with the fundamental facts revealed in the Holy Quran over 1400 years ago. From here you have to agree on one thing; either that Muhammad (P B U H) must be the greatest scientist of all ages. And of course he must also had a team of experts with him and also own well equipped laboratories; or he was inspired directly from the Creator of the worlds.

Indeed the Holy Quran is a challenge for every one. How come, some one who had never attended any school, read any book, and who lived among one of the least educated people on Earth, could know so many fundamental truths about nature so precisely in the seventh century. It is simply impossible; except that he must be the true Messenger of Allah (Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå æÓáã) He was sent to the world to teach Mankind the ways leading to the highest levels of spiritual and physical achievements. The Holy Quran is his eternal miracle. Indeed, where science ends Quran begins”. But still it is not the book of science, but a book of basic Truths about the physical as well as the metaphysical worlds of Man. Details of the socio-Spiritual life were left to the Messenger of Allah to demonstrate with his personal example. Scientific and technical details were left for the people to come after him.

Your success in this world and salvation in the life Hereafter lies in the whole heartedly acknowledgement of the fact.

There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
áÇ Çáå ÇáÇááå ãÍãÏ ÇáÑÓæá Çááå

Food for Thought

In the above are given only a few examples of the mystery of 19 in the structure of the holy Quran. For a more details please see Sultan Bashir Mahmood’s book “The challenge of the Holy Quran” . Originally this discovery was announced in year 1976 by an Egyptian Dr. Rashid Khalifa in USA , the year which was also multiple of 19. (i.e. 1976=19x104) Since then many other researchers have verified and enlarged the scope of the subject. Question remains could Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him), calculate and build the code of 19 in the letters, words, phrases and suras of the Book like Quran repeatedly if he was its author of this book? Why would he had done so? How did he do so? Is such a feat possible today? Has any other writer ever done so in the history of mankind?

As a matter of fact, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had no formal education, He did not know mathematical details. He had no computers, no calculators. He had no rest in his life either. Quran was no ordinary book but collection of discourses over 23 years, a period most of which he was under attack by his enemies. However, all those who knew him, friends and foes everyone acknowledged him as the most truthful and honest man. He never claimed that he was the author of Quran. On the other hand he always said that Quran was a Revelation to him from the Creator of Universe.

So rethink with honesty; who is the author of the Holy Quran? Who could have built and designed such a large book on the basis of highly intriguing mathematical code of the number “19”? Even in this computer age such a feat will be extremely difficult to perform. Then how did Muhammad (P B U H) perform it?

It is also a challenge to the non-believers. If they can throw away their prejudices for a moment; and think objectively, they will also realize that it could not be the work of any one else, but Allah. 

Believe it or not, the Holy Quran is indeed the Revelation from the Creator of the world, to the last Messenger to Mankind. It is the Living Miracle for the 21st century man. Alas! Even then, most of the mankind still do not believe in it. How unfortunate?