Pis-pis Door-handle: PDH

Pis-pis Door-handle: PDH

Written By : Bakhtiar Hakeem
Pis-pis Door-handle: PDH
  1. General. Door-handles are like hand-shake. Helping you shake-hand with uncountable people. How many do you shake hand with in a day? The figure could be anything from 50 to 10. It could be lower for a stiff-neck, frowning almighty. Some are choosy to shake hand with, however door handles serve them well. The single word focus of this new idea is Hygiene.

    1. Here it is explained in more details. Hands are part of the body through which one carries the germs to and from. How? There are many ways for this hand to be a carrier.

    2. Either you coughed a while ago or the one you are going to shake hand with. Being civilized both of you used the palm of the hand, open or curled to suppress the spread of the cough. Rarely one is ready with a handkerchief or a tissue paper, to curb the cough.

    3. How about the holding-bar while mounting a bus or the hanging hand-loops for those travelling in a bus. There would be a narrow range of say 8 to 13 inches, within which every person getting in or out of the bus will touch and hold the bar, well and proper to lift or balance his or her weight. Same is the case with supporting hand-loops, or ceiling bars for those who have to travel standing. These are used, in any case at some point of time getting-in or out of the bus.

    4. There are door-handles or simply push plates at the entrances of hospitals, large stores, bakeries or compound washrooms, like the one seen at bus terminals. Main entrance of the mosques and busy embassies can be counted in the same category. The door pans are hardly at rest. These are swinging in and out all the time, for some one is pushing these in and out without break.

  2. Purpose or the Aim: The purpose of this new idea is to keep the hands clean, disinfected and thus improving the hygiene of a people as a whole.

  3. Significance: To keep washing hands is fundamentally a good habit. One would need to learn to use a good soap, or a hand wash. And in addition, a hand sanitizer for special occasions. All this should develop as a habit to show results and of a large majority of a people in a community. Here is this new idea; Pispis Door Handle (PDH). It would help support those who are determined to learn the new habit of keeping hands clean and equally useful for those who stand at the other end of the extreme.

  4. Device: Hardware. The device will have three essential parts.

    1. A sensor. It is a visual sensor, working on proximity. Much like those used for controlling the water taps at public places and hotels. Or those used as hand drier sensors.

    2. A Battery Operated Control Unit. Such a controll unit, working on a time lag is used by all automatic spray devices, so nothing new.

    3. A Sanitizer, Spraying Unit. This is the final and cutting edge of the device, giving the desired results. A spraying sanitizer is so placed that it covers the door handle or the push plate or the holding bar effectively with its spray. Now all three units have to be so linked, interfaced and dovetailed that a PDH is created.

  5. Functioning: How PDH would work? As the hand of a person comes in close proximity of the sensor, it gets activated. It sends a signal (surge) to the spraying control. And there it sprays the area desired to be cleaned and disinfected. The time lag between sensor activation and spray would be in user control. It could be varied on a scale, part of spray container; say from 5 to 15 seconds. The time in which a person would touch; push or pull the door and then pass through, is the deciding factor. The spray should come down the moment one has left, and before the next touches the ‘point/place’. Here it gets sterilized before the next person uses it; with his/her fresh cache of germs, bacteria, sweat and any other form of unclean, unwanted matter or odor. A part of spray falling on hand would be a welcome feeling.

  6. Conclusion: How happy a person would be to see the door handle or push point or the holding bar which he/she was about to use has been disinfected, washed clean for him/her. I am sure such a device will go a long way in arresting the spread of communicable diseases. Enjoy the pis pis sound.